Go through the maze in the Czech event Backrooms Break – INDIAN

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On the wave Utility rooms she jumped up Czech game Backrooms Break, in which we have to explore a labyrinth and make our way through it. We have a jackhammer, various firearms and explosives. The equipment is useful not only for destroying the environment, but also for killing various enemies.

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The hammer can be used as a boomerang.resembles Thor’s hammer, and the weapon is upgraded to counter other opponents that can take any form.

“Be careful. You’ll encounter other enemies such as Crawlers, Spitters, and Gobbers – you can destroy them by tearing off their limbs.” states the author.

Jan Dzileček worked on the game for two years using Unreal Engine 5. The character models were created by Veronika Suhankova.

Backrooms Break is available on Steam for 8.79 euros. The game requires Windows 10, Intel i7, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1080 and 25 GB free disk space.

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Source :Indian TV

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