The musical game Stray Gods will receive DLC starring Orpheus himself

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Developers from an Australian studio Summer autumn announced DLC for their game Stray Gods: Role Playing Musical. We’ll talk about the character Orpheus, whom we already met in the base game, but only for a while. He appeals to the performance of a musical actor. Anthony Rapp And 6 new songswhich will branch again depending on the player’s decision.

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“Orpheus’ story seems to be over – until Hermes takes him back to the world of the living. With the help of the messenger of the gods, you guide Orpheus through the pitfalls of making mortal decisions – who to date, what to hope for, what musical instrument to unpack,” the authors entice.

The story was again taken over by the studio head and former screenwriter of the Dragon Age series. David Gaiderre-composed the music Austin Wintory (Journey, Banner Saga). When writing texts k Simon Hall from Tripod band and musician Montaigne added comedian, actor and singer Tom Cardy.

“The developers of Summerfall Studios have managed to do something that is not entirely common in the modern world of video games – provide a completely unique experience. The Rogue Gods have some validity, but overall they take a lot of risks. And the risk pays off, because this is not just some kind of interactive film with music and singing, but a real musical,” we wrote about Stray Gods in review.

Stray Gods: Orpheus will arrive 27th of June on PClater we will also go to PS5 And Xbox series.

Source :Indian TV

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