PC port of God of War Ragnarok will be announced soon

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In just a few days we’ll be treated to another port of an original Sony game for PC, namely 2020’s Ghost of Tsushima. But even before the release, there are reports that another port may be announced in the near future.

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Information about this was published by a very trusted insider, Billbil-kun, in an article for Dealabs magazine. In it, he claims that the next PC game will be God of War Ragnarök. He doesn’t know the release date, but an official announcement should be expected very soon, in May. Thus, there is a possibility that the performance will take place as part of the PlayStation Showcase. Although Billbil-kun says he can’t confirm the information about her, journalist Jeff Grubb said a few days ago that she is still waiting for us in May, although he does not know the exact date.

There is also no information about the development studio in the Dealabs article. However, 2018’s God of War (released on PC in January 2022) was being developed by third-party studio Jetpack Interactive, and it’s likely they’re also working on this port.

Behind both of this year’s ports (Horizon Forbidden West and Ghost of Tsushima) is Dutch studio Nixxes, which was acquired by Sony a few years ago and is now the main team behind the port. And given that it’s still a small studio, it’s unlikely it’ll be able to convert a third PC this year.

Source :Indian TV

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