Tango wanted to make Hi-Fi Rush 2, Arkane Austin wanted to make Dishonored 3

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Japanese studio Tango Gameworks must strive to develop Hi-Fi Rush 2developers from Arcane Austin they wanted to return to the traditional concept of an immersive simulator, perhaps continuing the series DISHONORED. The projects were not greenlit, and instead Microsoft closed both teams. Information provided by Bloomberg.

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Matt Booty, an Xbox vice president, explained the closure of studio trio Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Games and the inclusion of Roundhouse Studios into the ZeniMax Online division in a meeting Wednesday morning. The main reason is to free up funds for other research. According to Booty, resources and people at Microsoft Gaming are distributed like “butter on bread.” Additionally, the first two named teams were looking for people to develop the aforementioned sequels.

He also praised Booty Hi-Fi Rush, he did not give more details about Tango’s situation or the results of the game. The reason for the demise of Austin’s Arkane team shouldn’t have been unfortunate. Redfall since last May.

She also commented on the disruption of her studies Jill Braffnew boss since the beginning of the year ZeniMax: “It’s hard to support nine studios around the world with a small central team that has more and more work to do. I think we might have a fight soon.” Bloomberg quotes an audio recording of the meeting that he has.

The current cuts are part of a longer process that is not yet complete. Microsoft laid off nearly 2,000 people at the start of the year, mostly from Activision and Blizzard. Just shopping Activision Blizzard And ZeniMaxrespectively Bethesdatogether more than 80 billion dollarsled to increased scrutiny of Microsoft Gaming (Xbox) from the tech giant’s top management.

Source :Indian TV

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