Perfect Dark is supposed to be in very bad shape.

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According to behind-the-scenes information, the development of a reboot Perfect darkness Developers from teams do not develop at all Initiative And Crystal Dynamics they don’t know how to handle the project. “I hear more and more often that Perfect Dark is not doing well. He appears to be in very bad condition. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be any closer to a happy ending,” journalist Jeff Grubb said on the Giant Bombcast podcast.

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“They don’t even seem to know if they want to [se hrou] do what they do with her,” he adds. The editor of VG247 also added a comment Alex Donaldson: “About development [Perfect Dark] I’ve heard some crazy stories that I haven’t published out of respect for the team that is actually trying to push a boulder up a steep hill.”

Liam Robertson, a historian specializing in lost games, wrote: “From what little I’ve heard about the development of a new Perfect Dark, it looks like a video is coming soon.” Just big, drawn-out chaos.” Insider Shinobi602 also confirms this news.

Perfect Dark reboot announced Microsoft already at the end of 2020. Since then, information has been accumulating about the problems of the new first studio Initiativewho is working on the game. Up to half the people left, including senior employees. The development was first helped by the external team Some Affinity; a relaunch was supposed to take place in the fall of 2021, and people from Crystal Dynamics. Last year we wrote about IGN’s findings that development was still in its early stages.

Source :Indian TV

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