Hades 2 is already huge and amazing in Early Access – first impressions – INDIAN

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Few games deserve a sequel like the amazing roguelike Hades. We, the rest of the players, see it the same way and, it seems, even the developers from Supergiant Games, who chose this particular game, so to speak, that shot them to the top, for their very first sequel. Each of their games exudes originality, a unique visual style, and creative gameplay.. But are they able to re-engage with something that once existed?

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Okay, okay, I’ll forgive you for the hypothetical start. It is probably clear to everyone that yes, they succeeded. Hades 2, just released from early access on Steam, it starts out exactly as wild as we wanted. It throws you right into the action and doesn’t take long to show off a few important moments that the second installment can be proud of. On the one hand, the developers have many ideas to enrich the gameplay and the universe of their biggest hit, but on the other hand… Hades simply can never be enough.

Literally in the first minutes you will feel changes compared to the first part. Instead of Zagrea trying to break free from the almost direct and figurative chains of her father Hades, we take on the role of the sorceress Melinoe. Also a descendant of the god of the underworld who gives himself away. challenge Chrono – the god of time, who has captured Hades, taken over his home and is waging war against Olympus. Like the first part, the second Hades does not skimp on the use of Greek mythology. The ensemble of famous characters not only from the Olympic pantheon is replenished with a number of newcomers, among whom we can find, for example, the goddess of witchcraft Hecate, the goddess of retribution Nemesis, the heroic yak Odysseus or the spider Arachne. . The gradual expansion of the story through countless different dialogues, repeated encounters, moving through levels or offering nectar thus announces its return. Which I personally am happy about. Seeing the entire world of this game from the “other side” also provides a very nice context, which in itself justifies the existence of a sequel.

What other side am I talking about? If in the role of Zagreya our task was to get out of the underworld, then in the role of Melinoe we go to the surface with the goal of getting into the underworld. And just as Zagreus grew up with a group of gods and other mythological characters, Melinoe knows others well and is just getting to know them.. The result seems to be a game that perfectly complements the plot of the first part, but you don’t have to play it to use it.

But whether you’re a veteran of the first game, Hades 2 isn’t just a rehash of the same thing, where the writers seem to have done the most work. Everything else has also undergone changes. And this is most noticeable in the gameplay. The foundation itself remains relatively the same. In the isometric view, you move from room to room in which you always have to eliminate a group of enemies. so that you can both move to the next room and receive the current reward from it. Be it currency or material, health, upgrades or, above all, blessings or various upgrades from one of the gods that helps you along the way. This remains the same, as does the method of destroying enemies. In addition to the basic attack, special attack and the so-called “cast”, there is also the option to charge these basic skills for a more special version. But here begins the first of the changes. Melinoe, as a sorceress, uses attacks for her best attacks. magic. Something like manu. All three of the above-mentioned paid attacks consume a certain amount of magic immediately after charging. But their abilities change in very fundamental ways. With a basic weapon, you gain the ability to strike from a distance or multiple times, or perhaps create a circle on the ground that deals significant damage to all enemies hit.

Magic can be replenished in many ways using certain blessings, but it is somewhat of a consumable resource that must be handled with care. But again, don’t save it unless necessary because it can get you out of a dangerous situation quite easily. In my opinion, this adds additional stress to individual fights., when I need to take care of one more thing and deal with it properly. And thus it creates interesting combinations with the above mentioned blessings that magically fit well with existence.

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