Creative director Arcane Lyon slams Microsoft for shutting down studios

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Dinga Bakabacreative director Arcane Lyonhighly criticized Microsoft for closing not only the nursing home Arcana Austinbut also teams Tango Games, Roundhouse Studios And Alpha Dog Games. In his statement, he did not spare his employer.

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“This is absolutely terrible. Let me be humane: To any executives reading this, I would like to remind you that video games are an entertainment/culture industry and it is your job as a company to look after your artists/creators and help them create value for your benefit.” “. He wrote.

He goes on to urge: “Don’t drag us into your gold rush, don’t use us as dummies for miscalculations and blind spots, don’t turn our work environment into a Darwinian jungle. You say you’re proud of us when we make a good game. Make us proud during difficult times. We know you can do it, we’ve seen it before. At the moment, great teams are disappearing before our eyes again. That’s one hell of a blow.”

And it also addresses a wider audience: “[Arkane] Lyon is safe, but please be tactful and attentive to all this and respect the opinions of the people affected. Give them the opportunity to be heard. It’s their story that they can tell, their feelings that they can express.”

Austin Team Arcana he is responsible for the failure Redfallbut also a well-known reboot Production since 2017. Another canceled team Tango Gameworkswho founded Shinji Mikamicreated the series again Evil inside, Ghostwire: Tokyo or last year Hi-Fi Rush.

Source :Indian TV

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