Indica Shows the Limits of Belief’s Bizarreness – Review – INDIAN

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Have you ever doubted yourself? Whether it’s your abilities, acquired habits, or your own life… Is reality really what you’ve been told? Is the road to hell really paved with good intentions? What if everything is completely different? Would you go to hell to find out if the devil is as bad as he says?

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A young Russian nun named Indika, who is in search of herself and her path in life, will help you answer these questions. The entire title is intended to challenge and ridicule the 19th century Russian Orthodox Church. The developers themselves even had to flee the country in order to finish it at all. The whole game breathes a dark atmosphere of horror, accompanied by black humor.

Everyone has their own journey of self-discovery, and the heroine of this third-person adventure game, Indica, is no exception. However, she will not be alone. Because she is a deeply religious orthodox nun, the devil himself speaks to her.

(devilish voice: “He-he-he, what do you have under that religious robe, take off the cross and I’ll take a look, smack, smack”)

He will accompany you throughout the game, comment on your every move and laugh at you. After all, he knows you and knows perfectly well what you are thinking about.

(Devil’s voice: “Oooh, you naughty girl.”)

At first you will find yourself in a simple monastery full of old nuns, where a lonely Indica is trying to fit in. Instead of anyone liking her even a little, sticks are constantly thrown at her feet. They say that even useless work strengthens the spirit… Of course. Despite this, our protagonist is sent to deliver a letter to another priest in a nearby village. But getting there is not so easy. He obediently goes on his way when that morning he meets a man who looks very forlorn and looks like he needs help.

(devil’s voice: “Poor guy, he’ll probably have to tear his robe to bandage it.”)

He’s dragging around a dead piece of his arm, and if he doesn’t get help, he’ll die. The man is an escaped prisoner, and to escape justice, he takes Indica as his driver. Hmm, so he drives it, right? Although our nun will have the opportunity to escape after this, she decides to stay and help the young man. After all, he is injured, what could go wrong? An idea pops into her head to help the wounded refugee get to his destination. Then she comes back as a hero for saving someone’s soul and people finally start to like her. The world will be pink! Hooray!

(voice of the devil: “Damn, look at him, at that ass, isn’t he wearing pants? And you, poor nun, what would you like so much? Ha ha ha.”)

But the creators of the game, the Odd Meter company, who themselves hail from Russia, were not amused. After their homeland of Ukraine was invaded last year, they decided to flee Moscow to neighboring Kazakhstan to claim their title at all. The founder of the studio, Dmitry Svetlov, condemned the war and called the president a weak-minded dwarf. Unfortunately, having left their native land, they cannot return. With the help of the 11 bit studio, we managed to release the game.

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