The Helldivers 2 community has reunited. This time he expresses his gratitude – INDIAN

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Community Helldivers 2 reconnected. First, with negative reviews, Sony showed that it does not like the controversial requirement to link Steam to a PlayStation Network account. Now, on the other hand, players are bombarding Steam with positive reviews to correct the tarnished rating of their favorite co-op game.

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Since Friday and throughout the weekend, we’ve been able to see the Helldivers 2 community trying to draw attention to Sony’s misstep. The incredible was written by Sunday afternoon. 218 thousand negative reviews. Players were especially concerned about the fact that residents of regions where PSN is not officially supported would lose access to Helldivers 2. That’s 177 countries.

However, on Monday, Sony backtracked and decided not to make the PSN account link mandatory in Helldivers 2. Players are welcoming the change, and the positive reviews show the Japanese company that it made the right decision. Although only part of the negative review about the bombing has been changed so far.

  • May 3: 36,989 negative and 1,875 positive reviews.
  • May 4: 71,252 negative and 2,770 positive reviews.
  • May 5: 94,592 negative and 2,217 positive reviews.
  • May 6: 15,452 negative and 61,940 positive reviews.
  • May 7: 10,310 positive reviews.

Players are now trying to convince others to join Operation Cleaning and helped improve Helldivers 2’s user ratings on Steam. In particular, they want to show the Arrowhead developers that they support them. Will you join?

Fans are suggesting that this event be part of Helldivers 2. They would love to see it in the game. a cloak symbolizing negative and positive user ratings on Steam. The head of Team Arrowhead also agrees with this idea. doesn’t interfere.

Please note that the multiplayer portion of the PC version will require a PlayStation Network account. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, as well as the new PlayStation interface. However, PSN is not required for single player play.

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Source :Indian TV

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