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UK government responds to the player’s initiative aimed at stopping the elimination of games. It was created in response to Ubisoft. The French company closed the game servers after ten years Team and thus arcade racing became impossible.

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Initiative Stop killing games requires publishers and developers to keep their games running. With the fact that when the servers go down, a patch must be released so that the game can continue to be played. This didn’t happen with The Crew. Even Ubisoft began to take away the license from players.

YouTuber Ross Scott, who runs the Stop Killing Games campaign, has called on UK gamers to sign the petition. When 100 thousand people sign it, parliament will take care of it. At the time of writing, it has less than 18,000 signatures.

The question is whether Parliament will do anything about it: “Consumers should be aware that UK law does not require companies and software providers to support older versions of their operating systems, software or related products. There may be cases where companies make business decisions based on the high operational costs of maintaining older video game servers that have a declining user base.” writes the government in response to the petition.

“However, video game retailers must comply with existing consumer protection laws, including the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA) and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPR).”

Ubisoft explained that it closed The Crew servers due to server infrastructure and licensing restrictions. So changing software or hardware on the part of players does not play any role. That’s what Scott and his team are pointing out and trying to get players all over the world excited about. The official website, which is also in Czech, outlines steps that anyone can take to show that they do not agree with the practice.

However, this will probably not be understood in the UK. The British government has just recalled the current rules that games must be of satisfactory quality, which meets the standards of a reasonable person. So, it doesn’t appear that Ubisoft broke UK law by shutting down The Crew ten years after its release.

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