The new Tomb Raider offers an open world and is set in India.

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In the Crystal Dynamics studio for a long time a new part of the Tomb Raider series is being created. However, we have not yet received an official presentation or other details from the developers. However, recently an insider with a nickname reported unconfirmed details. In Scooperwhich mainly focuses on behind-the-scenes information from the film and television industry.

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An insider claims that the upcoming return of the Tomb Raider series will be… bet on a full-fledged open world, which takes the player as Lara Croft to India. The story is supposed to revolve around a natural disaster or catastrophic event in the northern part of this state, resulting in the discovery of ruins and artifacts of the ancient Emperor Ashoka. Lara must compete with other treasure hunters for these rare artifacts.

The concept of a large open world should be linked to various travel options. This is mentioned for example using a motorcycle or parachute. The game will also feature a new “non-lethal” combat mode and the ability to recruit allies. The official presentation should take place soon, and the actual release is expected in less than a year. If this is true, then the new Tomb Raider could appear at some of the upcoming June conferences. Amazon Game Studios is involved in the development of the game as a publisher.

Source :Indian TV

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