Manor Lords is a hot candidate for indie game of the year – INDIAN

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Dozens of fallen soldiers lie on top of each other. But not only men fell defending their own home, but also foreigners who wanted to deprive it. The battle may be over for now, but what about the bodies of the fallen? Throw everyone into a mass grave or at least bury the patriots near the church? As an administrator of a local municipality, this seems like a solution to you territory of medieval Germany at the turn of the 14th century. But this won’t be the only decision that will leave you unable to look yourself in the eye.

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The historical era is accompanied by harsh conditions in which the enemy is not only war, but also periods of hungry necks, cold nights, deadly diseases and eternal shortages. The Role of a Good Householder it leads you not only to procuring food and firewood, but also to the greatest possible satisfaction of your subjects.

The level of the village you build depends on it. In it you will build the main buildings in which families obtain wood and meat. Gradually you will get to plowing fields, mining stones and craft work. Families’ needs include not only an abundance of basic necessities, but also the availability of other key places such as the market. On it, each of the families involved in professions such as lumberjack, miner or farmer sells their products, which leads to higher popularity and therefore fulfilling the requirements for expanding the population.

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