Ubisoft has announced the release date of its answer to Call of Duty

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After a long wait, Ubisoft has released the exact release date for the XDefiant multiplayer event it has already unveiled in 2021. a number of delays and problems with certification but on consoles we still don’t know the release date. Not long ago it was said that delays are also due to changes in gameplay, which should bring the game closer to the popular Call of Duty.

Whether Ubisoft can succeed with its own free version of this famous brand remains to be seen. We’ll find out on May 21, when XDefiant releases on PC (Ubisoft Connect) and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The developers have confirmed that 14 maps, 5 factions and game modes, and 24 different weapons will be available at release in addition to 44 modules.

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Source :Indian TV

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