Manor Lords will never compete with Total War, but will focus more on combat – INDIAN

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Creator Lords of the Manor Before the release of the Early Access phase, he noted that it is mainly a building strategy, supplemented by combat. It was never intended to compete with the series. Total war. Thanks to this, players can now enjoy building medieval villages and cities. Battles and conquest of surrounding regions are rather secondary content. But this will gradually change in the future as Slavic Magic has ambitious plans for the game that will place more emphasis on war.

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The author of the mixture of Banished, Going Medieval and Mount & Blade has big plans to implement elements important for the Middle Ages. It’s about locks, siege And siege engines. He had already worked on and tested some things at various stages of Manor Lords’ development.

“At this point, I’m not sure how many of these will make it into the game upon official release and how many more will be added in Early Access.” — Greg “Slavic Magic” Stychen added in an interview with PC Gamer.

Although the battles are not so important now, it is possible to participate in a massive battle of more than 900 people, as you can see in the video at the very bottom. So we’ll see how the game develops in the coming months.

Manor Lords launched on Steam on April 26, 2024 and is also available. on PC Game Pass. The title contains Czech subtitles and more than a million players bought it.

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Source :Indian TV

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