Is there another remake/remaster on the way? Sony removes Horizon Zero Dawn from PS Plus – INDIA

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Sony loved remakes and remasters. After The Last of Us and Uncharted, Marvel’s Spider-Man or the upcoming horror film Before dawn there could be another revival. This time we are waiting for a remake Horizon: zero dawn.

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The story of the fearless Aloy in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by machines that look like dinosaurs began to be told in 2017 on PlayStation 4. Three years later, the successful role-playing game from Guerrilla Games was released on computers. Now he can aim for the PS5.

He is the first to testify to this deleting a game from the PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium catalog. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition (includes the Frozen Wilds story expansion) will disappear from it on May 21 of this year. This goes hand in hand with information from 2022 that a native PS5 version is on the way.

It’s strange that Sony removed their game from the list. If he has no intention of releasing a new version, then why? This could be as simple as an upgrade that will be free (or at a small cost) for existing owners.

What can be improved? There may be improvements to the lighting system, reworked textures, improved animations, and new character models to match Horizon Forbidden West.

Let us remind you that the third part was confirmed earlier. At the same time, a multiplayer game from this world is being created, as well as a series.

In addition to Horizon Zero Dawn, a number of other games will say goodbye to a PS Plus subscription. 21/5 will disappear:

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Source :Indian TV

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