Star Wars Outlaws Concepts Have Great Atmosphere – INDIAN

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Action adventure game Star Wars Outlaws from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment has been in the spotlight lately, mainly due to the publisher’s controversial business practices. As a result of the announcement of two rather expensive special editions, perhaps due to the fact that Players who have not purchased the Season Pass will not be able to access any of the missions., Ubisoft receives a lot of criticism from fans and foreign media. But as we know, the memories of players and game journalists tend to be quite short, so we expect this will all be largely forgotten by the time the creators of The Division series release the news. But if you’re still looking forward to this release, this time we have something else for you other than talking about how Ubisoft will try to rip you off.

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In honor of the official Star Wars Day, aka May 4th, which happens this Saturday, the creators have released four new concepts from development. They prove that talent and creativity have not completely disappeared from Ubisoft-owned studios. At least they haven’t disappeared from the art departments. The pictures convey to us the wonderful atmosphere of a galaxy far, far away, and thanks to them we have a little more desire to dive headfirst into the upcoming open world.

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Source :Indian TV

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