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Editorial Review for April – Zing

Editorial Review for April – Zing

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April this year was the month they mostly dominated games in early access – given the increasingly complex and expensive development of medium- and large-scale video games, it seems that this way of publishing them will become something of a new standard. The games that went on sale this month in this mode were clearly dominated by the Polish strategy Manor Lords with a record number of “wants” in a long time, but of course Frostpunk 2, a peculiar mixture of “devils” and souls like No Rest for the Evil, Czech War gray zones or Slovak Vivat Slovakia. Traditional “boxed games” in April were predictably dominated by the Stellar Blade event for the PlayStation 5, which was able to pleasantly surprise even long-time fans of the genre, and after last year’s Lies of P is further proof that the Korean game Developers deserve attention.

May will also bring us some interesting games, and Hellblade II will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated. PC players will also receive a conversion of one of the most popular PlayStation games in recent years, the samurai action game Ghost of Tsushima. But there will also be (old) new Mario in the form of a remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. And as incredible as it may sound to some, Diablo IV may well be poised for a successful return to prominence as the upcoming fourth season is expected to bring welcome and promising changes to the game’s fundamental mechanics, from loot to the ending. Publishers are already announcing specific dates for their June shows (formerly the “E3 period”), so it’s unlikely they’ll offer any in May, but perhaps one of them will surprise.

Daniel Jarocki

Last month I was especially pleased with the announcement of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 from the workshops of the Czech studio Warhorse. The presentation of the second part, combined with the announced release date this year, was enough motivation for me to play the original 2018 game again after a long time. I would like to gradually dose out the entire experience and tune in to the expected continuation. I have to say that even from today’s perspective the game definitely doesn’t look dated. In the areas of atmosphere, environment and especially setting, even from today’s point of view, this is a complex and somewhat unique game. Among other games, I also played the recently released strategy game Manor Lords through Game Pass, which complements Kingdom Come nicely. At the end of the month I also entered a new year in the MotoGP racing series, which I will cover in a review soon.

From the May offer of games, in addition to the already mentioned MotoGP 24, I’m looking forward to other expected races in the form of the New Year’s F1 series from Codemasters, which will be released at the very end of the month. But I definitely won’t miss Ninja Theory’s highly anticipated action-adventure Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. Other titles I’d like to highlight are the upcoming PC version of previous PlayStation exclusive Ghost of Tsushima and a new game from Czech studio Charles Games called Playing Kafka.

Jan Urbanczyk

April was another successful month in this busy gaming year. I finally finished Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden from the beginning. I really enjoyed the game despite the rather repetitive combat, and completing all the side quests for the most emotional ending was definitely worth it. It’s a shame that this game from Don’t Nod fell somewhat behind the other, bigger games that came out at the time.

I also spent quite a bit of time in the Frostpunk 2 beta, which received mixed reviews from players, but I really enjoyed it. It’s a significant change from the first game, but the new unique elements, including a strong focus on politics, work brilliantly. Detailed impressions can be read here.

That’s it for April, but I did play a lot. I’m almost 30 hours into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth now, where I’m still doing everything I can and still having a lot of fun. Although I’m a little scared of how long the game will still take. Also, I had to put Rebirth aside a few days ago because I was playing the excellent sci-fi action film Star Blade, which I was incredibly hooked on, as well as the remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (which I reviewed) and “Metroidvania” Tales of Kenzera: Zau. We discussed all three games in the last podcast.

In May, in addition to the games I’ve already played, I plan to finish the first Hellblade one more time in order to be fully prepared for the sequel, which will finally be released at the end of the month, it’s my most anticipated game of the year. Also, I’m curious to see how Nixxes’ next PC port turns out, this time Ghost of Tsushima.

Philip Svoboda

In early April, I played The Final Draft, or rather New Game + Alana Waka 2, and was reminded how great the sequel game to Remedy’s mystery action game, this time Survival Horror, is. I spent a lot of time with the Metro trilogy, which has so far passed me by and which captivated me mainly for its atmosphere and storytelling. I completed 2033 and Last Light and played the latest Exodus.

I played Harold Halibut from the new games, about whom I still have rather ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, incredible audiovisual processing, which has no analogues in the gaming world, the atmosphere and mood of the space but submarine Fedora, on the other hand, a more cumbersome narrative and not too lively activity.

Several games took place in April and I am proud to be part of the target group. On the one hand, immediately comes the unconventional adventure game Indika, starring a nun accompanied by the voice of the devil himself. I’m looking forward to Hellblade 2, one of my most anticipated games this year, and I’m also looking forward to the release of Ghost of Tsushima on PC.

Ondrej Zeman

April is just around the corner. And I must say that it was again a worthy trip. I spent the better part of a month just playing Dragon’s Dogma 2. It was an exciting experience, so I definitely didn’t regret my time. I also really enjoyed building a medieval manor in the Manor Lords strategy game. I ended up putting it off too because a new expansion for Total War: Warhammer 3 arrived on my disc and it was really worth it, so I’ll probably spend a little more time with it in my spare time.

There’s a colorful constellation of different games awaiting you in May, so it was difficult to choose the titles I’m looking forward to the most. I’m really looking forward to the visually very interesting strategy FABLEDOM, as well as Reus 2, which is a continuation of the interesting god simulator. Of course, that’s not all I want to miss. I’ll definitely spend many hours playing Songs of Conquest as well as Homeworld 3, but I’m a little concerned that the developers won’t be able to tweak this. So that I’m not just playing in between conquering worlds, I’d like to put Roman Kodet’s Tale of a Samurai in there, so maybe I’ll have time for that.

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