Czech shooter Gray Zone Warfare is accompanied by labor pains – INDIAN

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Tactical first-person shooter released in Early Access on PC today War in the Gray Zone from Brno studio Madfinger Games. The game emphasizes cooperation and tactics. This is a competition for Escape from Tarkov. The release trailer for the new product is tempting.

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But the developers can’t really celebrate yet. The game is accompanied by birth pangs in the form of poor optimization, problems and bugs.. This results in a significant drop in frame rate. Some players then complain about the individual editions, which have more space in the safe and other equipment.

For these reasons they reviews so far are rather negative. At the time of writing, 33% of players rated the game positively. The creators say that Gray Zone Warfare is long-term projectwhich they intend to develop and improve until they reach the ultimate gaming experience.

“We will regularly release updates with new content, expand the world, add new weapons and equipment, reveal the stories recorded in the environment, reveal new missions, and optimize and fix bugs until the end of the Early Access phase. The estimated duration could be several years, depending on community feedback and the implementation of our vision.” they deliver.

Gray Zone Warfare should appear on consoles later. Read more here.

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Source :Indian TV

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