Starfield’s Shattered Space expansion won’t release until the fall – INDIAN

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Thanks to the new series, Fallout is now everywhere. And so it’s pretty easy to forget that the authors of most of the recent Fallout games and Bethesda Game Studios’ fantasy saga The Elder Scrolls are also responsible for space RPGs. Star field, which was released early last September and had excellent sales statistics and not so good reviews from players and fans. It seems even Bethesda might have forgotten about Starfield because the creative director Todd Howard recently announced that The first paid expansion called Shattered Space will hit the market only this fall. That is, more than a year has passed since the release of the base game.

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Howard said in an interview with Kinda Funny Gamescast that we will have to wait for Shattered Space. He also recalled that the next updates to the game should introduce new display modes on consoles. expansion of the spaceship construction system, correct city maps or news in the field of gameplay and difficulty.

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Source :Indian TV

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