Microsoft should think about how to release the new Fallout faster – INDIAN

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Thanks to the series from Amazon Prime Video, this Fall out everywhere. They talk about this and the popularity of old parts is growing on different platforms and in mass multiplayer. Fallout 76. Even though they disrupted this rise Problems next generation update for Fallout 4which led to errors in the game.

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Microsoft is, of course, noticing the interest in Fallout and they have to decide on a plan to release a new post-apocalyptic adventure as soon as possible. According to Windows Central’s Jez Corden, there needs to be a debate, but there are only two ways to go: Bethesda Game Studio And Obsidian Entertainment. In the first team they are engaged in additional support for Starfield and preparing the huge The Elder Scrolls VI, and in Obsidian they are officially developing Avowed (coming out this year) and The Outer Worlds 2.

As we already know, Bethesda is currently concentrating on the early version of The Elder Scrolls VI and will not get to Fallout 5 until this point. In this case, we would not play it until 2030 (probably later). From this point of view, the Obsidian brand can be trusted. The creators of your favorite Fallout: New Vegas joined the Xbox family in 2018, and since then fans have been dreaming of the next Fallout from these guys.

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Source :Indian TV

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