“People Can Fly” canceled the project “Dagger”

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Polish studio People can fly canceled the upcoming game called Project Dagger. The title was originally supposed to be published Take-Two Interactive, but in the fall of 2022 the cooperation broke down. The authors of Outriders or Bulletstorm, among others, decided to self-publish the game. But this won’t happen anymore.

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We don’t know much about Project Dagger. It was an action role-playing game developed on the Unreal Engine 5. People Can Fly spent almost $20 million on the game, including the amount originally paid by Take-Two and returned by the Polish authors to the publisher.

In any case, People Can Fly has several more projects in the works. Although they decided to self-publish their games some time ago, they are working on one game together. by Square Enix (despite the financial failure of Outriders) and others form a pro Microsoft. The team, founded last year in Montreal, is working on a AAA adventure game.

Source : Zing

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