Vivat Slovakia is not the Slovak GTA, not Mafia and not Last Holiday – INDIAN

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Fear, death, blackmail and a corrupt government led by a man who, among other things, is responsible for the kidnapping of the president’s son. No, this is not the theme of a Hollywood movie, but Slovakia in the early nineties.. I hope for a democratic state at that time she was hit hard by a reality that was too far from freedom.

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The Vivat team decided to capture a period known mainly to Slovaks and even older generations through a video game treatment. Instead of an action adventure film, Roman Lipko’s studio had much greater ambitions. To create a real city in which we can move as freely as in the famous open-world game Grand Theft Auto. The fact that the authors had so far only had experience with the title underscores the bold move. Viva freedom since 2019. But more than a game it was a prototypein which passengers could only be transported by taxi after a very early form of the city, reminiscent of Bratislava.

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