Strategy/simulator Manor Lords expected to be released with Czech subtitles – INDIAN

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We waited. The long-awaited medieval strategy is out on PC in early access Lords of the Manorin which you build cities, manage the economy and participate in large-scale tactical battles.

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“Manor Lords is a strategy game in which you can experience the life of a medieval nobleman. Transform your starting village into a bustling city, manage resources and production chains, and conquer new territories.” Polish studio Slavic Magic describes its work.

The game is inspired by Frankish art and architecture of the late 14th century.. The usual medieval clichés give way to historical accuracy, making the world more authentic, colorful and believable. Manor Lords offers experience with building a city without grids, with complete freedom of positioning and rotation of buildings. The building mechanisms take inspiration from the development of real medieval towns and villages, where the creation and construction of settlements corresponded to major trade routes and the landscape.

Manor Lords is available on Steam at a starting price of €29.99. The 25% discount is valid until May 10. After that it will cost 39.99 euros. If you’re not sure that a strategy/simulator game will be of interest to you, this also included with Game Pass. Anyway contains Czech subtitles. The game was translated by Filip Jeniszek, who also localized Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt RED.

Manor Lords will remain in Early Access for about a year. “However, this may change as the design evolves based on player feedback,” he said. the author warns. The full game will contain additional content based on community feedback during Early Access, but the structure and core mechanics of the game are already part of it. Also during early access, the developers plan to continue tuning, balancing and fixing bugs in the game.

In the future, the lords of the manor will come to Xbox series X/S. A PlayStation 5 version has not been confirmed.

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Source :Indian TV

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