Stellar Blade releases today, reminiscent of a more peaceful launch trailer – INDIAN

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The launch trailer usually offers a quick montage of highlights from the game in question. In a South Korean studio Move up but they chose a more peaceful video. She shows Star Blade in a slightly different light.

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The role-playing game that combines Dark Souls, Final Fantasy and Nier: Automata was released today on PlayStation 5. Yesterday we offered you our review, in which we wrote:

“Stellar Blade does a lot of things incredibly well, and it’s amazing that it’s Shift Up’s first big game. But this is reality. It’s a fun, action-packed, great-sounding, varied and creative RPG that’s a credit to its genre, its independent production and, most of all, its Korean developers. Of course, not everything is perfect and there will be mistakes. In the second act, some of these ideas are dropped, some sections go on perhaps unnecessarily long, and the story doesn’t have the impact at the end that the developers probably intended. However, this does not greatly interfere with the end use of the entire game.”

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Source :Indian TV

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