Medieval strategy game Manor Lords is a hit and it’s not even out yet – INDIAN

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Medieval construction and military strategy Lords of the Manor became a hit even before its release. The interesting game is loved by millions of players and is at the top of the wish list. Superior to Hades 2, Black Myth: Wukong or Hollow Knight: Silksong.

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Over three million players enjoy Manor Lords on Steam. So many people have this title on their wish list. Half a million have been added in the last seven days. This is a very good result, considering that the game will be available also available on Game Pass for PC.

Manor Lords is a complex medieval life simulator that was announced back in 2020 and anticipation has been growing in recent weeks. Everyone can wait until April 26th when Manor Lords launches in Early Access. By the way, only one person from Poland is working on the project and he will have Czech subtitles by Filip Jenišekwho led the translation of Cyberpunk 2077.

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Source :Indian TV

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