Dead Island 2 is now available on Steam

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Developers from the Dambuster studio released the zombie action game Dead Island 2 in April last year. Despite the long development, full of delays and problems, the game. received a surprisingly positive reception. However, PC players could only find this game on the Epic Games Store due to its exclusivity.

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However, said exclusivity expired today, exactly one year after its release, paving the way for a second Dead Island on Steam. Deep Silver Publishing simultaneously launched an event on Steam, thanks to which you can buy the game for 30 euros until April 29. For more information on Dead Island 2, check out our review, where we gave the game an 8/10 with the following verdict:

“I wish the rest of the series were as successful as this one. Not only is it a superbly balanced game that’s great fun thanks to its clever design, but it’s also a great spectacle that combines beautiful environments with grotesquely detailed violence. Minor ailments don’t change the fact that I had a great time from start to finish.”

Dead Island 2 is also available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. In addition to the base game, you can also purchase a pair of story expansions called Haus and Sola.

Source :Indian TV

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