In June, the former creators of StarCraft will present a new real-time strategy game – INDIAN

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During this year Summer Games Festival A new real-time strategy game will be presented from the former creators of StarCraft, Warcraft, Dawn of War and Company of Heroes. These developers want to give players a fun RTS that isn’t all that complicated. He argues that today’s real-time strategy games are mainly aimed at hardcore fans and overload players with tables.

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New project from Unlimited Games focuses on fast-paced, large-scale strategic battles. Like StarCraft and Warcraft, it should appeal to a wider audience. Players must decide for themselves how they will play.

Uncapped Games is a Los Angeles-based studio led by David Kim, who was previously responsible for StarCraft 2’s multiplayer. He was the lead designer. He then moved on to Warcaft and Diablo. He also had a hand in Company of Heroes. Kim relies on financial support from Tencent and describes working at Uncapped Games as the opportunity of a lifetime that will fulfill his desire to return to real-time strategy games. You can rely on him in the team Jason Hughesformer executive producer of the third and fourth Diablos, and on Zhongshan ZhangStarCraft 2 programmer.

Summer Game Fest 2024 will take place on June 7th at 10:00 pm ET.

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Source :Indian TV

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