Even two more months is not enough. ‘Prison Architect 2’ delayed again – INDIAN

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The construction of the custom prison in the Prison Architect sequel has been delayed again. First, the game was delayed by two months. This deadline has now been moved forward four months. By now the developers should have enough time to complete the game.

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Two months ago, the developers asked fans for more time to fix bugs and better optimize the game. For this purpose a redesign was made Prison Architect 2 worked better on less powerful builds. But then a number of technical problems arose that needed to be solved.

According to Paradox, the game has all the necessary certificates for release on select platforms. So hopefully we’ll see it on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on September 3rd this year. Compared to the previous part, this time it will be completely 3D and will allow you to create multi-level prisons, as well as convenient tools for building and maintaining the prison. Not to mention improving the artificial intelligence of both guards and prisoners. Read more here.

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Source :Indian TV

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