Cities: Skylines 2 Developers Apologize Again and Delay Console Versions Again – INDIAN

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This was supposed to be the best city simulator. In the end, the developers created a very popular and successful game. FROM Cities: Horizons 2 but this is a disappointment for which the heads of the Colossal Order studio have already had to apologize once. However, in less than five months the situation has not improved. In addition, the first paid add-on pack also came out in terrible condition. This has already agitated the community, and another apology followed.

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The plan for additional support was previously delayed due to problems with the game itself. You would expect that when the first DLC comes out, everything will be fine. The opposite is true. Many players have criticized the quality and quantity of content in the first Beach Asset Pack. Beach properties. The result is the aforementioned apology.

“We understand and understand the disappointment,” – said a joint statement by Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of the Colossal Order studio, and Matthias Lilja, deputy CEO of the publishing company Paradox Interactive. Beach Properties customers can request a refund, the expansion will be released free of charge, and work on other expansions has been suspended indefinitely.

They both admit that they rushed the DLC releasewith the help of which they wanted to make up for shortcomings. “We sincerely apologize for all of this. When we have made statements like this in the past, they have included a commitment to continue to improve, and while we are working on these updates, they are not happening at an acceptable pace or scale, and we are hurting. Now I have lost the trust of many of you. We want to improve.”

As part of this improvement, everyone who purchased Beach Properties will receive compensation. Paradox will refund everyone’s money, the package will be free, and there will be more content for owners in the future. Definitive edition (three new packs and three radio stations). The studio is now going to fully devote itself to fixing various game problems and improving the game, including modding tools. In the coming months, Cities: Skylines 2 should receive more free updates. And the next direction of the game will be decided by a small group of players who will meet with developers and Paradox representatives.

All this will have consequences postponement of planned DLCincluding the Bridges and Ports expansion for 2025. And finally release of console versions delayed. We won’t be playing Cities: Skylines 2 on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S this spring. A replacement date has not been announced. The reason is optimization, it is not at the required level.

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