Czech gaming adventure game “Pilgrims” released on mobile phones and tablets – INDIAN

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The creators of successful adventure games Machinarium, Chuchel and Creaks have developed a cardboard dystopia Fonopolis they remembered their almost five-year game Pilgrims and released it separately for devices with iOS, iPadOS and Android operating systems. Previously, the non-linear adventure was available in the Apple Arcade subscription, which was released in March of this year.

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Pilgrims is set against the backdrop of a picturesque kingdom inspired by the classic tales of Central and Eastern Europe. Starring the Tramp, Granny, the Robber and the Devil, the king and princess live in a castle and search for a merman in a pond. For Czech-Slovak-speaking players, “Pilgrims” has one special ace up its sleeve in the form of dozens of humorous sayings that arose from the actors’ improvisations while recording their voices. After all, you can also enjoy announcements in a separate web application.

The original idea for Pilgrims came from a “hunting” card mini-game from the opening sequence of the old Amanita Design game Samorost 3. It involved solving a puzzle by experimenting with the interactions of different cards, with even a wrong solution rewarding the player with at least a fork in the form of a fun animation. The game is full of all sorts of unexpected situations, and it is up to the player whether (and how) to discover them. From the very beginning, it was designed to make playing on smartphones as convenient as possible, so players will only need the thumb of one hand to play on a smartphone.

The pilgrims are to blame team led by Jakub Dvorsky, who this time took responsibility not only for the game design, but also for all the graphics. It was animated by animator Vaclav Blin and programmed by Michal Berlinger. Music and sounds were provided by the classic duo Tomas “Floex” Dvorak and Tomas “Motak” Dvorak.

You can download Pilgrims for free as a short introductory excerpt from the App Store and Google Play. Unlocking the entire game costs 79 CZK or 2.99 EUR.

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