Activate an unusual simulator for free on Steam

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Digital store Fanatical is giving away another free game in a while. This time it’s a header with a title Streamer life simulator, which usually sells for 20 euros. The title already suggests that this humor and exaggeration-based venture will focus on simulating the life of a streamer. In addition to gaming and interacting with fans, you’ll be doing things like buying streaming equipment and designing a filming room.

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To activate the game, you need to go to the page of the mentioned Fanatical store, where you will have to create an account or log in to a previously created one. Another condition is to connect to a Steam account and subscribe to the newsletter. Once these conditions are met, you should receive a key by email that then just activate on Steam. After successful activation, the game will remain in your library forever. The offer is valid until April 23. However, due to the limited number of keys, the event may end early.

Source : Zing

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