The Pioneers of Pagonia strategy has been enriched by the collaboration of four players – INDIAN

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Illustrious Strategy Pioneers of Pagonia from the author of the series Settlers extended the promised cooperative regime. Up to four players can work together to explore and conquer the colorful world of Pagonia. In cooperation all players play for one faction. Together they will be able to explore the island and build their settlement with extensive production chains and thousands of pieces of equipment.

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Teammates can easily be invited via Steam or join a session that has been going on for a while. Difficult level can be individually tailored to each group of players and their mood thanks to an extensive map generator with procedurally generated maps. From peaceful innovation to a relaxing activity that is also ideal for playing with younger children, from medium difficulty between friends to an extreme challenge for experienced strategy players. If you need to end a session early, you will automatically have access to your saved game to continue at that point with the same group or other pioneers.

Pioneers of Pagonia is in Steam Early Access. Community appreciates regular updates, which improve and correct the game. These patches are often based on community requests. There are three more big updates planned for this year: an update focused on the extraction of new resources, monuments, and an improved combat system. They are also waiting for players new units and enemiesas well as support for modifications, additional buildings and decorations.

You can buy Pioneers of Pagonia on Steam for €29.99. The game contains Czech subtitles and takes up less than 30 GB of disk space.

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Source :Indian TV

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