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Remaking an old RPG for mobile gamers is harder than it might seem. It is not surprising that there are concessions or, on the contrary, new mechanics are added. Sometimes, unfortunately, even microtransactions, which are often forgiving or at least not taken as seriously as in the console and PC versions. Similar example Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, which has excellent reviews, although it places a heavy emphasis on various fees and in-game currency purchases., upgrade items or weapons and other equipment. But honestly, this game has so much to offer that you’ll forgive it. If this works for you.

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a tactical action game., which ties the start of several games to the designation seven. First of all, the game offers the beginning of the original story of Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Aerith. There’s also a part from Crisis Core where Zack is the hero. You’ll progress through story segments very quickly, and then dedicate your attention to additional themed missions, special challenges, and dungeons. This is just a slight difference as each mission type unlocks different rewards. But they all have one thing in common – gameplay.

With a group of up to three characters you fight enemies whose designs and attacks are based primarily on the first Final Fantasy VII remake. These are tactical battles where you can choose how much control you want to have over the situation. You can control everything or leave the basic attacks to the computer and just use special attacks. Or you can completely entrust everything to the artificial intelligence and just watch the entire fight. Honestly, the second option is better. You don’t have to constantly click your mouse, but at the same time you have control over your special attacks and your target. So if the AI ​​loses the fight, you can try to win by timing it correctly. Basically during all of this you switch between offensive and defensive positions. First of all, this affects the basic characteristics. If you forget to switch your stance to defensive before your opponent attacks, you can sometimes lose very quickly, so this is also important to think about. You can subsequently combine the Limit Break attack, which charges as the battle progresses, with other characters for more damage.

Thanks in large part to the audiovisual processing, you will enjoy the game. The battles are short, but filled with good music and detailed character models. But even with the simple controls incorporating plenty of tactical elements, especially in the more challenging fights, you’ll fall in love with the combat. They are great for playing on the go because even the longest missions will take you a maximum of 10 minutes. Dungeons and story missions also offer the ability to freely move through linear levels. But it’s more of just a space where the developers have small conversations to make the story easier for you to understand. But in places it is indeed simplified into sentences that seem to have been composed by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, I laughed more than once at how stupid some of the dialogue was. It seems to me that this was most likely the goal of the developers. In any case, even these story segments are divided into a large number of missions so that they do not exceed the already mentioned 10 minutes.

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