Will Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 take place in Kutna Hora? “War Horse” was filmed there! – NATIVE AMERICAN

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In six days we will find out what they have been working on for six long years. Studio combat skates. From hints and job advertisements it is more or less clear what we will see continuation Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This makes sense even for modified CryEngine and technology. But where does the main character Jindřich go after his adventure in the vicinity of the cities of Sázava, Rataje nad Sázavou and Stríbrna Skalice?

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Players who have completed this medieval RPG know what Henry intended Trosky Castle, which is the symbol of the Czech Paradise in Liberec. But it is quite far from Kutná Hora. Why are we dragging this beautiful city out of the Central Bohemian region? Because there is interesting information here.

Warhorse at the end of January/January filmed in Kutna Hora. On the Internet you can even find a contract with the city of Kutná Hora and the production company, which directly mentions KCD 2, as pointed out by Kutnohorský deník and CzechCrunch. Although the contract says KDC 2 instead of KCD 2.

“Based on this agreement, the provider will provide the user with the opportunity to film, including parking, film equipment for audiovisual creativity – KDC 2 in the following locations in the city of Kutná Hora: – Havlickovo Square, Jakubska Street, Ruthardska Street, Pod Hradkem Street, Barborska Street and Vorlickovka Gardens.” we will read it in the contract.

Based on other signs, we can conclude that we will visit Trosky Castle. Creative director Daniel Vavra already showed off in 2018. 3D model of this castle on his Twitter account, and there is also a mention of the Ruins in the studio office. Regarding this sequel, Martin Klima spoke to him directly via DVTV.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 also confirmed by an insider Tom Henderson and data miner Billbil_kun.

Further, we know that in the Prague studio under the leadership of Daniel Vavre and Martin Klima, since the summer of 2019, all costs have been spent on the development and creation of a new game. Thus, great development has been going on for quite some time. With this in mind, we won’t have to wait that long for the desired sequel.

Now you just have to wait until Thursday, April 18th. The new game from Warhorse Studios will be presented at eight in the evening our time. There this information is either confirmed or swept away.

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