Be part of the Warsaw Uprising in the 63 Days action strategy – INDIAN

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be reborn Commando will have to fight competition. Next to already released and excellent Shadow Gambit: Cursed Team the game sticks out its horns 63 dayswhich takes place during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

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63 Days is a Polish studio. Destructive Creatureswho created War Mongrels, Ancestors Legacy or the controversial action game Hatred.

“I belong to the first generation born in free Poland after 123 years of foreign occupation. The Second World War deprived me of my family, home and future. We are angry, tired, but united. We are driven by the desire to do something, to regain some degree of control over our lives. We all feel like we have only one choice: take revenge and bring back independence to our city and country, or die trying. The odds are overwhelmingly against us. We are like brothers and sisters, fueled by a fighting spirit, relying on wits, cunning and teamwork. But will all this be enough? asks the press release.

IN strategic isometric action we will lead the destinies of the heroes, their main goal is to regain their freedom and liberate occupied Warsaw. Planning the mission and how you complete it will be important. Since you will be faced with difficulties, a quiet approach, skillful use of the environment, and team cooperation are the wisest things to do.

This year, 63 Days will be released on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and PlayStation and Xbox consoles of the last two generations. Those interested can register to participate in the closed beta testing. A public demo should be available later.

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Source :Indian TV

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