Bzzzt gets a free update, new challenges await fans, Switch announcement coming soon – INDIAN

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Already at the end of last year, in our live broadcast with Karel Matejka, you could see that Bzzzt will see hidden levels in the future. Karel kept his promise and version 1.1 is already available on Steam (coming to GOG this week), which contains 10 new sub-levels with 10 chips, so-called challenge chips.

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However, these are not just ordinary levels where you just blindly chase the chip, and with their different designs they refer to eight-bit and sixteen-bit classics such as Arkanoid, Donkey Kong and Manic Miner.

Improvements from version 1.1 also apply. alternative routes for speedrunnersthey joined items to increase your total score, a new bonus track and 4 new achievements.. More difficult levels on easy and normal difficulties have been balanced. Only the trap placement was set to even the insane difficulty that would otherwise remained unchanged. In addition to this news, a version for Nintendo Switch is still in development, the release date of which should be announced by the creator soon.

You can see what’s new in update 1.1 in the video at the very top and in the gallery. If you liked Bzzzt but still don’t have it in your library, There is currently a 40% off sale on Steam at a price of 7.07 euros, i.e. approximately 180 CZK, it will last until April 20, 2024.

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Source :Indian TV

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