Very similar to Call of Duty. The creators of Dead Space have begun work on Battlefield – INDIAN

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The bell rang and the fairy tale ended. Season seven Battlefield 2024which launched late last month under the title A turning point, is the last one. The 2021 multiplayer shooter will not get another season. The teams will be fully focused on the future of Battlefield.

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Battlefield 2042 players can only look forward to new events and secondary content. Electronic Arts also promises to support the community by challenging and correcting any bugs. But don’t expect much more content.

“With the release of Battlefield 2042, we promised to add four seasons to the game with new maps, additional specialists, weapons, vehicles and more. With the release of new additions, it is clear that your interest in the game has become much higher.” the developers said.

“While we have had great pleasure and pride in creating seasons and new content for Battlefield 2042, it is time to focus on the future. This means that season seven will be the final season of the game. After this is over, we will continue to support the game through challenges, events, limited-time modes and, of course, ongoing maintenance, but we will not release new seasons.” they deliver.

What surprised me personally was another piece of information. He joins the teams working on the Battlefield series. Motives. This Canadian studio has made an excellent remake of Dead Space and is about to be released single-player action-adventure starring Iron Man. Hopefully EA will let Motive breathe and have enough room to work on both projects at the same time. So far, everything is going well and the Iron Man team has made excellent progress and marks an important internal milestone for the project. But this seems eerily similar to Activision, where most studios are working on Call of Duty, without being able to focus on your own headlines. Iron Man aside, the question is how he’s doing. Criterion “Need for Speed”.

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