The Fallout series is likely to get a second season

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Tomorrow, April 10, the premiere of the long-awaited film adaptation of the Fallout game series will take place. However, even before the launch of the first season starts talking about season two. The news of preparations for the second season was brought by Variety magazine, pointing to the approved tax breaks of $25 million that the filmmakers will receive from the California Film Commission in the event of filming a second season.

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The condition is that filming will take place in this American state. Since the first series was filmed in New York and Utah, viewers can look forward to new locations and settings after moving to California. However, this could still affect the possible creation of a sequel. viewership and general reception of the first season. However, current evidence points to the fact that Amazon still wants to get more than one season from the Fallout brand. The Fallout series will be available exclusively on Prime Video.

Source :Indian TV

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