The Rise of Ronin Boasts Rave Reviews

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In the second half of March, developers from the Team Ninja studio released the open-world action-RPG Rise of the Ronin, in which players led to historical Japan. Despite the weaker audiovisual treatment, the game received generally positive reception, as evidenced by a 76% rating on aggregator Metacritic.

You can watch the newly released praise trailer above in the preview, which includes quotes and ratings from select journalist reviews. The Rise of Ronin game is available. exclusively on PlayStation 5 console. In our review, we gave the game 8/10 and gave the following verdict:

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“If you’re drawn to the samurai theme, you probably won’t mind that the audiovisual treatment doesn’t reach the heights of the genre. This is because you get an expansive and deep game where you can explore story branches, enjoy a brutal combat system on multiple difficulty levels, and on top of that, you can also recruit teammates online.”

The boxed version of the game is available in the store.

Source :Indian TV

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