Decadent – a shooter for lovers of Lovecraftian horror – INDIAN

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Supporters of the works H. P. Lovecraft You can look forward to the story-driven first-person shooter from Incantation Games. Decadent beckons with atmospheric exploration, horror elements and an immersive experience. You will face different enemies, a dangerous environment and a unique feeling of loneliness.

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He is the main character John Lorne, a royal explorer and World War I veteran who sets out to save his son. But in the process, he discovers an ancient secret and encounters twisted hill tribes, hybrid aquatic creatures, an ancient creature, and an ever-changing world. nightmare. He will defend himself ordinary firearms of the 20s of the last century even enchanted pistols with occult properties. He will still have strange artifacts and alien biological weapon.

This interesting arsenal will be customizable as John must learn to walk the line between good and evil and discover new possibilities. how much pain he is willing to inflict to save a loved one. On this extraordinary journey you will find lightless forests, icy tundras, hostile rocks, underground lakes, endless glaciers, caves overflowing with alien mushrooms, timeless necropolises and many other strange and frightening places.

The game is scheduled to release in 2025 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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