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Vengeful girlfriend, drug dealer and legendary Grove Streetwhich is located immediately after the main address, the most popular among many players. GTA trilogy it’s a collection of memories that at least lift my spirits even in the darkest of times. But does the same apply to the not-so-well-reviewed definitive edition, which also hit mobile platforms late last year? If you’re not expecting an authentic GTA experience, then yes. However, what this means is a valid question that I will try to answer today.

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It wasn’t that long ago, was it? Netflix began to include mobile games and it is the GTA trilogy in the final edition that should become the biggest name. Once you subscribe to the service, returning to these iconic gems in an upgraded jacket is just a few clicks away. Whatever I decide original three, neon Vice Cityor sunny San Andreasthe first impression was very positive.

Color tones, more realistic vegetation, enormous visibility, detailed reflections on the car., simply beautiful to the eye. Until I started wondering where the old original went. But… it was enough to drive a few meters to understand that the driving pattern is absolutely equally unpredictable for each car, and gradually it began to dawn on me that it would not be so famous. Before the wave of nostalgia began to wash over me, the imaginary house of cards gradually fell apart. So are good memories.

However, this is not only about a vehicle model that shares a fleet of vehicles only with the original game, but also a not very intuitive weapon selection wheel, which, unlike the original mobile version, delays rather than saves time. Wrinkles on the forehead occur due to strange flickering lights in the distancewhich would cause many epileptics to have a seizure even though nearby light sources are displayed correctly.

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