The Last of Us Creative Directors and Alan Wake Visit Hideo Kojima – INDIAN

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Hideo Kojima has an interesting start to the fourth month of this year. In Tokyo, he was visited by two very famous game creators: Neil Druckmann And Sam Lake. There is speculation that the creative directors behind The Last of Us and Alan Wake will appear in the upcoming games. Death Stranding 2: On the Beach.

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They both seemed to be excited about visiting Kojima Productions. The creator of The Last of Us signed the wall, drew Ellie’s face, added a message to endure and survive, and thanked her for the inspiration. Remedy’s Sam Lake enjoyed a cup of coffee with Kojima and was professionally photographed drinking coffee, which, judging by the photo, was also taken by Druckmann, who is expected to develop a new brand at Naughty Dog. .

Fans might be interested to know that Druckmann and Lake met up in Tokyo and also enjoyed coffee (tweets below).

Personally, I wouldn’t make anything extra out of these visits. It could have been a friendly visit, although fans of Druckmann and Lake are clamoring for contact with the Metal Gear Solid author.

In recent years, Kojima has welcomed a number of figures to his studio, including representatives of the film industry. The last time they were Timothee Chalamet And Nicolas Cage. The Japanese creator is not officially collaborating with both of them, but maybe we just don’t know about it.

In addition to Death Stranding 2, Kojima is preparing horror OD with the support of Microsoft, and thanks to Sony, Kojima returns to his genre; planning a spy operation.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach will release sometime in 2025 on PlayStation 5.

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Source :Indian TV

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