Players spent the most time on older games in 2023

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Analytics company Newzoo published interesting statistics on the gaming industry for 2023 on its website. For example, we learned that after a decline in 2022, sales increased slightly last year. Details of this development can be found in a separate news story. Newzoo further highlights the company in its report a significant portion of old games and famous brands, making it difficult to create new titles and series. This refers to the time played in individual games.

According to the company, 60% of all gaming time in 2023 will be spent on games that they are six years old or older. Back then, as much as 80% of the time was divided into just 66 of the most popular games. For example, five well-known hits consisting of Fortnite, GTA V, League of Legends, Minecraft and Roblox were expected to take up 27% of game time. In the new games space (games less than two years old), annual franchises such as FIFA and Madden NFL also make up a significant share.

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In total, this means that in terms of time played, full-fledged new games that are not released annually occupied only 8% of the market. Below you can take a look at review of the most popular artists on selected platforms over the past year. Their average age is also indicated, which for the PC market is, for example, almost 10 years. On the other hand, for the Nintendo Switch it’s only four years old.

Source :Indian TV

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