Stop ruining games! An initiative has emerged that wants to hold publishers accountable – INDIAN

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A popular YouTuber has launched a worldwide initiative calling on publishers to stop ruining their games. He calls for an end to the practice of companies shutting down their game servers. This makes them unplayable.

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“More and more video games are sold as a product, but when support ends, they are not playable for everyone. The legality of this practice is untested worldwide, and many governments do not have clear laws regarding these activities. Our goal is for authorities to focus on this behavior and hopefully put an end to it, as it is an attack on consumer rights and media protection.” We will read about this on the official website of the initiative.

This comes on the heels of Ubisoft announcing it would be shutting down the game’s servers last year. Team. This move occurred on April 1, 2024. “It had at least 12 million players. Due to the size of the game and strict consumer protection laws in France, this represents one of the best opportunities for a publisher to be held accountable for this action. If we are successful and charges are brought against Ubisoft, it could have an impact on the gaming industry and prevent publishers from ruining more games.” written further.

In addition, YouTuber Ross Scott spoke with his supporters from different parts of the world. formal petitions addressed to governments. These petitions seek to ban the practice of deliberately shutting down commercial video games after they are no longer supported.

“Petitions have currently been submitted for the UK, Canada and Australia and will be open for signatures soon. Plans are also being developed for the European Union, but unfortunately these will be delayed due to processing times. Further government petitions may be initiated at a later date with sufficient assistance.” the author explains.

With these steps they intend to draw attention to the problems and change the practices of publishers and developers. They want the game to be playable without any additional support. “We agree that it is unrealistic to expect companies to support games indefinitely,” They add that they have responsibly discontinued online support for the following games: Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport, Electronic Arts’ Knockout City, Capcom’s Mega Man X DiVE, Mojang’s Scrolls/Bane, and Bandai Namco’s Duelyst. They can be played offline, without an Internet connection.

Details can be found on the official website, they are in Czech.

Go to website

Source :Indian TV

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