Czech strategy Cars will be replenished with 16 road cars – INDIA

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The successful Strategy Train game continues to improve. Gonza Green announced a new update that Car will add 16 road vehicles, including the highly sought-after steel and sand trucks. In the picture we also see a mixer and a tire.

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The update will be released on Monday, April 8th. This follows from an update from the end of this year. He added airplanes to trains and vehicles. In the future there will be more planes, the rest of the road equipment and a big expansion with the 7th era. This will include new industries, goods, rail transport, terminal assignments and monorails (called monorails).

According to the author, all three updates should be at a very advanced stage. He also boasted that, not counting mods, there are 41 cars in the game, and the Steam Workshop limit has been exceeded. 500 mods.

Machines is available on Steam Early Access and includes Czech subtitles. The game is currently on sale for €22.99 (565 CZK).

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Source :Indian TV

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