Confirmed: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake lives on

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Lately there has been some pretty negative news surrounding the anticipated remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Once upon a time there was even talk about stopping development and problems with its financing. The problems were last confirmed in January by journalist Jason Schreier, who, however, noted that, according to his information, development in one form or another is still ongoing.

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After a longer break, the developers themselves from the Saber Interactive studio commented on the state of the game. Its director, Matthew Karch, in a recently published interview with IGN magazine, specifically confirmed that the studio is in KOTOR remake is still in developmentand according to him, the whole team is trying to ensure that the result exceeds the expectations of the fans.

Unfortunately, we have not received more detailed information, so the current stage of development and the remaining time until its completion are still unknown. It also remains relatively unclear how the game’s development will affect fledgling independent studio Saber Interactive, which was until recently part of the Embracer Group. In addition to PC, the game should also be released on PlayStation 5.

Source :Indian TV

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