Technical problems are normal. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is selling well – INDIA

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Technical problems and complaints about the addition of microtransactions did not stop z Dragon’s Dogma 2 became a successful game. Capcom boasted that it was selling all over the world. more than 2.5 million pieces on all platforms. The entire series has surpassed 10 million units. This includes the original Dragon’s Dogma, as well as the Dark Arisen expansion.

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The second part of the fantasy RPG just came out on March 22nd, so this is a great start. The question is how he will continue. Dragon’s Dogma 2 has Major problems on both PC and consoles. On a PC, this is a very poor optimization, with which even the latest video cards have problems. On consoles, the frame rate fluctuates wildly and regularly drops to around 25. Not to mention the additional addition of microtransactions. Because of all this, Dragon’s Dogma 2 appeared on Steam. mixed user reviews (58% of 50,504 users gave the game a positive review), and on Metacritic the PS5 version has a 6.2/10 from the community and 85/100 from journalists.

The situation has not yet been corrected by the first update. It added the ability to disable motion blur, added 30-frame locking, or switched ray tracing. The next patch promises big changes, including better optimization on PC and consoles.

Meanwhile, Capcom’s press release praises Pawns’ innovative features, which allow players to enjoy a carefully crafted and realistic fantasy environment while experiencing an adventure in a group of up to four people controlled by artificial intelligence. The Japanese company also attributes its success to various promotional activities. Among other things, it resembles a demo version, or a free editor, where you could create a character in advance. This “demo” was intended to help attract new players who had no experience playing Dragon’s Dogma.

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