CD Projekt is eliminating microtransactions in single-player games

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Last week, on the occasion of the publication of its financial results, CD Projekt representatives revealed the current status of upcoming projects. First of all, we are talking about sequel to The Witcher codenamed Project Polaris, which currently employs over 400 people. There is also a Witcher spin-off known as Sirius or a remake of the first part from Fool’s Theory. A Cyberpunk sequel and a completely new IP are in the early stages of development.

In addition to disclosing financial results for the past quarter and future prospects, studio management also answered selected investor questions (via The speech, among other things, reached microtransactions, which make up a significant portion of the sales of a number of gaming companies. CD Projekt CFO Piotr Nielubowicz said that the Polish company has no plans to introduce them into single-player games in the future.

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However, Nelyubovich immediately added that, on the contrary, he does not exclude their use in cases multi-user projects. In the traditional single-player games that CD Projekt is preparing, players won’t have to worry about microtransactions. However, if developers delve more into multiplayer waters in the future, things could change in that direction.

Source : Zing

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