Introducing a new channel that’s not just about food – FoodFeed – INDIAN

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It’s here, we are launching a new channel! However, this is not the first time we have decided to do something like this. Launching another channel is nothing new for MediaRealms and other companies. NerdFix focused on pop culture, while TechFeed focused on makes sense for us to move again in the other direction.

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Navigate to reliable restaurants, keep your list up to date, and avoid getting burned unnecessarily… it often takes a lot of time and effort, and given the current economic climate, it’s not a small investment.

Although there are many channels on YouTube dedicated to reviews, tests of different dishes and subsequent recommendations, but none of them do it the way we would like. Why not take advantage of your years of analysis experience and start your own business? own channel?

Instead of a classic numerical assessment, we will use an already proven solution. So no numbers? No numbers! We have chart, radar map! This will help us determine the strengths and weaknesses of a given dish as part of our assessment. We will appreciate taste, smell, appearance, quality, price-saturation ratiobut also delivery speed. And since we’re not just focusing on the food itself, we also want to include restaurants, staff approach, food testing, flyer circling, and we have icons ready for that.

Whether we like the restaurant staff, its decor, or spend the next day in the toilet, we have a ready-made positive or negative rating for every situation.

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Source :Indian TV

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