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Call of Duty is finally spreading to other slot machines, namely mobile phones, following the example of Fortnite and PUBG. After a year of monitoring the “Registered” button, we can measure our strengths with the help of pocket pets not only on the map of Verdansk. Together we will now look at the pros and cons of pocket Warzone.

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Surely someone will again ask why play on mobile phones. I personally am a supporter of mobile games. Often this is entertainment for several tens of minutes that fills time or brightens up the day. After all, you won’t read the ingredients on an air freshener on the toilet. Many people like to play at school, for example. The idea of ​​friends sitting down in a group, of course, during a break, inviting themselves into the team and clearing the entire battlefield in a circle, sounds stylish. Compactness and the ability to take your favorite game with you almost anywhere is a real advantage.

So, why play Warzone on mobile phones?

At the very beginning, I throw out the idea that we will choose a mobile Warzone instead of the classic one we play on consoles or on computers. The smaller display and mobile controls don’t add convenience, and the idea that you’ll be recruiting a team of friends who play on a computer, for example, also backfires because, unlike Fortnite, Warzone Mobile doesn’t support the feature cross play, which will allow you to play with someone on a different gaming device. Therefore, mobile games can only be played using mobile phones (or perhaps tablets). And this mobile world is an advantage. So the idea is not to replace anything, but to expand the places where you can play. In fact, you won’t even have to look away from Call of Duty Warzone. So, if you have enough time. Because most of us work, and we certainly can’t play at work…

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Although the game does not support cross-play, it does feature cross-progression. This means that if you purchased the Battle Pass on PC and want your dream skin but know you’ll be spending time away from home, your reward progress will still continue. Because your Warzone mobile account is linked to your main account. This is great for both you and Activision. Because it really has great potential to sell more Battle passes and skins.

Well, now to the main question: how to play Warzone Mobile and how much fun it is. I remember being a little skeptical when I tried my first battle royale games on mobile devices. But where there is money, there is a way out. The developers have made many friendly changes to make more complex controls and zone combat accessible even to players on handheld devices. Mobile battle royale games feature an intuitive virtual joystick and many processes are automated. For example, running, shooting, or collecting items that should potentially be in your gear. It’s almost like playing around with the controls of Warzone Mobile not left behind. On the contrary, it expands the modulation capabilities of the game interface to the maximum level. You can set the size of the buttons, their position, and transparency.

Does your finger get stuck while shooting? Turn on automatic fire. In which you simply aim at the enemy, but wait a short delay before the weapon starts firing, to be fair to those who chose the manual fire option. If you’ve thought about expanding your controls with a gamepad, that’s possible too. I tried playing both games myself on an Xbox controller. so on the controller, with a PS5, and while I’m not an experienced stick player, I got the hang of the controls after about four games. The control options are really great.

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